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“If you fulfill your obligations everyday you don’t need to worry about the future.”
― Jordan Peterson

We at Propmech believe that first we must add value to our clients and partners, then that in itself is success.

We strive to provide world class service in every project and collaboration we enter. Whether it’s developing new vessels that fulfill specific roles, the development of preventive maintenance programs or supplying and delivering critical equipment to any corner of the Philippines, the standard remains the same. Since the marine industry being a multi-faceted one, all other things being equal, it is service excellence that will make the difference.

Esteemed guests at ADAS 2018.

2022 is a critical year for service. After enduring numerous lockdowns and unpredictable changes in the economy, we believe that the market is looking for that human element that drives good work and develops thriving relationships. Our participation in this year’s ADAS is our statement that Propmech and our sister companies, Green Heat Solar, and Floatech Aquaculture, are pledging our continued long term support to the National Defense and Philippine Marine Industry.

Meeting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte at our booth in ADAS 2018.

In line with ADAS’ theme of security, we are showcasing one of our flagship vessels, the MPAC, to address the concerns for coastal defense as well as other related products. We are also featuring Green Heat, our solar arm, to cover energy security and Floatech, our aquaculture company, to tackle food security.

Our presence in every single ADAS is a statement that Propmech and its group of companies believe in the Philippines and endeavor to be the ideal representative of what a Marine Service Provider in the Philippines can be. So to our partners and clients, and everyone interested in learning more about the latest trends and technology in the defense, power, and food industry, please drop by our two booths and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and learn more about how we can collaborate. You may also book a meeting here .

We look forward to seeing you at ADAS 2022!

Our Booths:

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    On display at the local booth is the MPAC or Multi-Purpose Attack Craft. Propmech Corporation chose the MPAC as its centerpiece for this year’s ADAS exhibit to highlight the capabilities of the company to build world class vessels that can fulfill a variety of roles for its users.

    The MPAC is a weaponized, fully-armored, high-speed boat that can be used for patrol, rescue, reconnaissance/surveillance, troop transport, amphibious landing, and combat.

    Back in 2007, the Philippine Navy had a vision for a boat that could accomplish various tasks and had multiple capabilities. After sharing their ideas to Propmech Corporation, the latter designed and developed the MPAC (Multi-Purpose Attack Craft). The MPAC is a 15-meter long, armored and weaponized patrol boat that can reach a max speed of 45 knots.

    One of Propmech Corporation’s flagship vessels, the MPAC or Multi-Purpose Attack Craft lives up to its name as it can fulfill a variety of roles: patrol, reconnaissance/surveillance at low, medium, and high speed in coastal waters, interception and interdiction, troop transport, troop insertion and extraction on beaches, search and rescue, and function as a high speed attack craft.

    Today, the MPAC has spanned up to 4 variants and is routinely used in various missions and represents the modernization of the Philippine Armed Forces in its self-defense and peace maintenance efforts.

    We will be having industry experts speak on coastal, energy, and food security.

    East meets West in ADAS 2022 Defense and Security exhibition at WTC in Pasay City

    MANILA – From April 27 to 29, the Philippines will showcase an array of modern weapons and defense technology from the East and the West.
    Military powerhouses like Israel, India, Turkey, US and South Korea, plus a host of other countries, including Germany are also expected to participate.

    A number of the exhibitors have been key players in the ongoing modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines by supplying it with weapons, planes and ships through acquisition contracts.
    Propmech Corporation has delivered multi-purpose attack craft for the Philippine Navy, some of which had been armed with Spike-ER missiles from Elbit Systems.

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